Orenda  Tribe: Inside  all of us is the  power to make change.

Orenda Tribe is my soul journey. I believe that there is power in our choices, and that all of us have the power to make change for good.

After a career of designing fast fashion clothing destined for landfills, I arrived at a place of creating with consciousness. I have long believed in sustainable  design processes—handmade, restored and repurposed vintage, one-of-a-kind upcycling of textiles. Orenda Tribe is built on these tenets and fueled by my desire to honor my indigenous history, to protect our sacred lands, and a drive to help others. As the Orenda Tribe team and I travel the world collecting beautiful treasures, I invite you to journey with us and be a part our experiments in fashion made in a more soulful way.


Orenda Tribe is made up of a community of hands working together to craft each unique piece and carry the stories of another time to you. A small team of artists and makers in Southern California and indigenous artists who live on the Navajo reservation, we are lovers of old things, inspired by the energy of vintage textiles. We can feel the lives they’ve lived before they’ve arrived in our hands, and we seek to continue this life cycle. With each Orenda Tribe garment we creatively approach the upcycling process to repurpose for the future.


My personal history has shaped my mission to make change for good. I am the daughter of a full-blooded Navajo, and my family comes from the Bisti Wilderness-Chaco Canyon region. I am deeply committed to helping Native American makers and artists find opportunity to create with Orenda Tribe. To this end, I’ll be moving our studio to the Navajo reservation in 2019, working with others to protect sacred land and help foster a strong creative community.

I am so excited to share our work with you as we discover the road ahead.

Love & Light~


Founder of Orenda Tribe & proud member of the Navajo Nation