Navajo Made Storyteller Bracelet

Navajo Made Storyteller Bracelet


Navajo Made Indigenous Design

<<Currently SOLD OUT, Andrew is making more, but there is a 4 week leadtime, as he is a full time student in school, and making these on his weekends. Email me at if you want to be placed on the waiting list!>>>

This beautiful piece is created by 11 year old Andrew S. Hoskie. He learned silversmithing from his grandma Frances, and we are just thrilled to represent his work. This sterling silver piece is a wonderfully crafted piece with a stamped story of a bear walking thru mountains and rainbows, facing thunder, rainclouds, & lightning under the stars and open sky….with a dragonfly following along the journey. I simply fell in love with this piece, and we can commission him for more if this sells out!

Sizing: Measures 7-1/2” all around including the gap, but can be adjusted up and down.

The width is 3/4” wide, and has traditional Navajo stamps.


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