Navajo Made Upcycled Ghost Bead Necklace #2

Navajo Made Upcycled Ghost Bead Necklace #2


Navajo Made Indigenous Design

This eclectic necklace is upcycled from vintage elements. Ghost beads are dried juniper berries, representing interconnectedness of the earth, plants and all beings. They are worn for protection, tranquility and to ward off negative energy. This necklace is magically blended with Antique Venetian Milleflori African Trade Beads. Millefiori means “a thousand flowers”, and these Venice beads were imported into Africa beginning in the late 1800’s to 1920’s so you are buying a wonderful blend of cultural harmonies. My cousin Sally does all our upcycled pieces!

Length 30”, Traditional wrap finish at back neck.

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