Upcycled Vintage Military Velcro Flysuit-Turquoise

Upcycled Vintage Military Velcro Flysuit-Turquoise


Preworn, pre-loved 80s cotton flight suits, each is unique and different.

They are overdyed, supersoft and distressed with a aged patina effect in the vivid shades of our expansive surf and sea. Sleek and minimalist.

Adjustable waist, and style can be worn “O’Keefe” style velcro closed or “Bianca” style open lapel 80’s style. The Leg can be open, cuffed, or velcro to more a tapered cut.

If you are expecting a “new” perfect piece, these are not for you. If you want a vintage piece with a lot of soul, then you met your match! There are imperfections that make each piece unique and beautiful.

100% Cotton Sateen Type 1

Listed as Mens Coverall size Small

Velcro Front, Velco Arm and Leg Cuff, Adjustable Velcro Cinch Waist

1 Patch Chest Pocket

2 Front Patch Pockets

1 Patch Back Pocket

Second Inner Velcro Lapel

Tapered Tomboy Cut

Chest: 44-45”

Adjustable Waist: 35” adjusts as small as 25” with Velcro Tabs

Hips: 48-50”

Length: 33” Measuring from the top of shoulder to the crotch. You will want min 2” extra inches to have a comfortable fit on your torso.

Inseam 29-30”

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