Upcycled Vintage Aso-Oke Cloth Ruana

Upcycled Vintage Aso-Oke Cloth Ruana


Preloved vintage textiles. Reconfigured stripes, from different textiles to recreate a harmony of color.

This beautiful one of kind piece was built by deconstructing vintage Aso=Oke’s and then listening to how they’d like to blend in harmonies. These beautiful fabrics have a glimmer of metallic threads, and also have some palm fiber blended in the base. They have a beautiful structured lay to the fabric, similar to linen.

Upcycled from Vintage Aso-Oke Cloth, this exquisite ruana is exotic shades of color. . There are imperfections that make this piece unique and beautiful, with uneven color, dye bleeds, and sun shading, all part of a cloth that has some aging.

If you are expecting a “new” perfect piece, these are not for you. If you want a vintage piece with a lot of soul, then you met your match! There are imperfections that make each piece unique and beautiful.

Cotton and palm fiber, structured mid-weight fabric. Lurex thread.

Chest: 40’

Length: 33”

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