Upcycled Abstract Nature Vintage Flysuit -Rose Haze

Upcycled Abstract Nature Vintage Flysuit -Rose Haze

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Preworn, pre-loved 80s cotton flight suits, each is unique and different.

They are overdyed, supersoft and distressed with a radical dye effect, inspired by the beauty and spiritual power of the natural world, by the ethereal color artist Jennifer Parry Dodge.

If you are expecting a “new” perfect piece, these are not for you. If you want a vintage piece with a lot of soul, then you met your match! There are imperfections that make each piece unique and beautiful.

<<Small Stitched Mend at back in Grey thread>> perfectly imperfect, but we have marked this style down to reflect the mending>>

Button Front

2 Front Button Chest Pocket

1 Functional Left Pocket

1 Open Right Pocket (Coveralls are mean to be worn over other garments, so this left open to inside)

Hemmed Cuff, Elastic Leg Opening

Tomboy Boxy Cut

Chest: 45”

Hips: 48”

Length: 34”

<Measuring from the top of shoulder to the crotch. You will want min 2” extra inches to have a comfortable fit on your torso>

Inseam 26”

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