Upcyled Vintage Field Jacket -Pistachio OS

Upcyled Vintage Field Jacket -Pistachio OS


Preworn, pre-loved 80s cotton field jackets, each is unique and different.

They are overdyed, supersoft and distressed with a aged dye effect. These garments can also be custom embroidered

If you are expecting a “new” perfect piece, these are not for you. If you want a vintage piece with a lot of soul, then you met your match! There are imperfections that make each piece unique and beautiful. We strip dye and overdye in saturated hues, so there may be whiskers of the original shade occuring as part of this hand dye process.

Button Front

2 Front Button Chest Pocket

Adjustable Button Cuff,

Tomboy Boxy Cut

Chest: 46”

Length: 28-29”

Sleeve Length from Center of Back Neck to Sleeve Edge: 34-35”

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