Tohaali Childrens Food Bank

Orenda Tribe is working with Tohaali Community School to fund an important cause.

We spent some time this week in Toadlena NM 

on the Navajo reservation with some very special children.

We are committing to fund a Children’s Food Bank here. 

Many of these kids do not have proper meals provided over the weekend. 

Some don’t eat. 

So we are working with the school 

to fund nonperishable snacks/meals for the weekends 

to assure that no child goes hungry.

You can donate

here on our website


Or email us at

and we can pass you info to

Send a check directly 

To the school.

If you have any corporate contacts

For non perishable snacks/meals/drinks

please contact us!

Spread love.

Shine light.

Amy Yeung